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2020 Holiday Order Deadlines

Jha'da Hutson Harris

These  are my suggested dates by which you should place orders for the best possibility to receive them in time for the holidays ! Product Standard shipping Express shipping Shirts and hoodies Dec 10 Dec 14 All-over print clothing Dec 10 Dec 14 Other products  Dec 10 Dec 14 Embroidered hats Dec 10 Dec 14 Mugs Dec 10 Dec 14 Phone cases Dec 14 Dec 17 Jewelry Dec 14 Dec 17 Wall art, stickers Dec 14 Dec 17  

So have you heard ?

Jha'da Hutson Harris

Things are getting processes faster but MAIL IS MOVING SO SLOWWWW. I cant believe it. We finally get things up and running and BOOM.  Anyways since deliveries SUCK im offering some discount codes and I sent them through everyones email so be sure you sign up and get the updates. I'll send another set next month as well! 

Delays Delays Delays ... I'M SORRRRRYYY

Jha'da Hutson Harris

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bags and basically anything clothing wise that has to do printing instead of embroidery is still gonna take hella long ya'll. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU! EST Time:  15-25 business days ( and thats just to start printing ) - So your clothes just don't get printed. I put them suckas through quality control to make sure everything is good to go, then sort them so nobody stuff gets mixed up and all that good stuff.  Embroidery thingys like hats and polos EST Time: 15-20 business days (I'm multi tasking here bare with me)  Socks: 5-15 Business...

Covid-19 update 3000000000

Jha'da Hutson Harris

Looks like this virus just wont go away and its upsetting me and my homegirls. Like ... if you cant got to Belle Noches where can you go ??   This is a difficult time for everyone and I am WERKING hard af Y'all so bare with me to adapt to this new reality. I'll continue to share information on this page, so check back often.   Here are some things I strongly encourage you do if you're impatient: Explore the non-apparel category—some products are fulfilled in 4–8 bus. days Review our Covid-19 blog post on tips delays Keep checking in with our latest updates and fulfillment...

Communication With You Guys About Delays

Jha'da Hutson Harris

First of all, I assure you all that I'm still accepting orders, and follow updates from this blog so you understand what’s going on.  First off I am here to let you guys know you can contact me whenever and don't feel like you're bothering me about your orders. Trust me I be wanting my stuff to come THE NEXT DAY! Second, let me tell y'all what to know about updates in shipping delays. THIS ISH IS MOVING SLOW SLOW. As an upcoming black owned business i know stuff like this is important and i actually never thought I would even get this far or...

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